Our solutions empower organisations and their conscious stakeholders to maximise sustainability, process efficiency and profitability. We deliver on our promise of value by seamlessly integrating sustainability and technology into their businesses strategy and lives, using systems for traceability, enhanced transparency, accountability, cost saving, security, financial inclusion,  improved efficiencies, data driven insights and measurable business impact.

what we do?

We Bring Solutions To Make Life Easier Through Technology for Sustainable Benefit

Our group provides multi-faceted solutions, across a myriad of industries with a technological approach to solving social, economic and environmental problems. A look at Basadi Solutions:


Phiwe is a system that enables source separation, seamless waste collection, secure instant payments and complete end-to-end recycling traceability. Our system empowers you to separate your waste while earning rewards and receiving reliable waste collections. Powered by blockchain, our digital wallet can be linked to pay for utilities, fund transfers and ad-hoc workers. Phiwe’s features are geared towards ensuring profitability through waste, driving all towards a financially inclusive, circular economy.
Use Phiwe for:
- Recycling traceability
- Secure and convenient instant payments
- Earning through waste
- Impact reporting
- Household waste separation
- Efficient Waste Collection
- Community Empowerment

Utility management (Manufacturing & Household)

We provide sustainability and condition monitoring , harness the power of 4IR with data analytics and dashboards to reduce the usage of resources, provide financial savings to consumers and enable reporting for SDG’s. All our systems are manufactured locally with SANAS calibration.
– Smart Electricity Systems – challenge utility bill accuracy, control peak demand
– Smart Water Management Systems
– Fuel- Diesel – Fuel tank management in trucks, tankers, bowsers and reservoirs
– Off-grid solutions
– Custom solutions – all solutions available on desktop and mobile
- Smart Cameras to monitor productivity, defects, time & attendance

H & S Wear Tech

We use IOT to monitor H&S, prevent accidents and improve productivity.
- Belts, footwear clothing


- 4IR and internet of things (IOT)
- Component manufacturing
- Technical training

Manufacturing Optimisation

We provide a complete end-to-end transformation of your manufacturing process using 4IR and the internet of things (IOT) and lean six sigma methodology. As practical implementation specialists, we digitise your factory, implement quality systems and manufacturing frameworks. We give you and your team the ability to analyse critical data, triggering events which reduce input costs and maximise profitability.

Site Improvement Areas/Functions

We provide you end-to-end compliance and documentation for:
-Health & safety, Food safety certifications
- Engineering-(GCC, maintenance, SOP & compliance)
-Risk assessments
-Stock and warehouse
-Itemised traceability
-Change management, production optimisation

At convolution we integrate systems that enable you to service your niche and give new market access, comply with regulations, attract growth and investment to achieve Consistent, Predictable, Quality.