About us

Sustainability through Ubuntu means creating an ethical value system where all stakeholders benefit by playing their part to complete the circular economy.

about us

Tech-driven business impact optimisation

BBasadi Solutions is a South African whole system technology solutions group that was established in 2019. With all the organisations combined under the Basadi umbrella, we aim to bring solutions to multiple industries we operate in. From cannabis farming and agricultural system solutions, to data driven business insights and complete end-to-end recyclable traceability we have evolved into developing our technology systems, strategic partnerships and sustainability measures to increase business profitability, solving social and environmental challenges that affect us all.
We empower organisations to seamlessly integrate circular economy strategies to ensure profitability. Using 4IR technology to optimise manufacturing, farming and sourcing processes for measurable business impact. Basadi offers a comprehensive solution that uses data to enable businesses to optimise their strategies through real-time, automated dashboards. With Basadi Insights a business not only gains additional market intelligence but also enables improved financial & environmental sustainability
The Basadi Way focuses on responsible future business thinking, shared value and impact delivered through Ubuntu – the spirit of togetherness.
Basadi Solutions is a 100% Black-owned, 68% woman-owned proudly African company.

Who We Are

We are all zealous qualified professionals with the belief that no single company, community or government can accomplish the change needed for a fully inclusive sustainable economy alone.

Collaboration for mutual economic, social and environmental benefit . Our flagship product Phiwe is our way of aiding and amplifying our collective efforts and implementing the change we desire to see in the world.

Our History

Bambanani Basadi (Pty) Ltd t/a Basadi Solutions is a private technology solutions company founded in 2016 by Zakhele Myeza and Nana Myeza and located in Durban, South Africa.

Basadi Solutions was established with the goal of providing empowering and innovative waste solutions within communities and the manufacturing sector.

Basadi Solutions now focuses on providing live business impact reporting, extensive market strategy and manufacturing process optimisation. While creating value to increase business profitability, we still passionately address the environmental, socioeconomic and corporate issues within our communities.

Our Mission

To provide technological solutions built on systems, shared values, innovation for measurable impact and the promotion of Ubuntu for a more inclusive sustainable circular economy.

Our Vision

To be a catalyst for conscious future thinking and actions that drives opportunities and accelerates measurable business, social and environmental impact.

meet the team

Our Leadership Team

We are a creative team of experienced professionals who consistently deliver efficient results. As your partner to achieving profitability and optimal performance, we differentiate your organisation from the rest. Meet the team of leaders who are change agents that bring your vision to life.

Zakhele Myeza
Founder, Director of Operations
Nana Myeza
Founder, Director of Marketing
Zuziwe Magi
Director of Analytics
Siphesihle Dube
Corporate Relations
Andile Buthelezi
New market Intelligence